Hello, and THANK YOU so much for ordering THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, which is OUT NOW!!

The attached game (one version with starry background, one without) is an HTML file. Simply download it onto your desktop, open the file, and it should play in your browser. (MOBILE VERSION COMING, WATCH FOR NEWS ON THAT!)

 Please let me know if you have trouble accessing them, or anything else.

Thank you again, and happy Pride Month!

- RoAnna Sylver

  • Note: There will be a mobile version coming soon from Tap/Wattpad! But the desktop version is bigger for Maximum Prettiness, and will score you Bonus Content!)
  • Another Note: Two versions are available/included, with starry background and with plain black background, for added accessibility.  Thank you! Enjoy!


The Three Body Problem PLAIN BG.html 493 kB
Jun 01, 2019
The Three Body Problem starry.html 493 kB
Jun 01, 2019

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This looks great, and I'm glad it has been released!

It looks like when the game was released it also removed access to the pre-order content. I could see it before, but not anymore and I hadn't downloaded it yet.

This isn't a huge deal and there's no hurry or anything, just thought you should be aware :)


Ahh thank you for letting me know! (Can you not see it at all? It's still up and the password should be the same... which I'll just tell you here is QueerWitchesRule, lol.)


ALSO OK I put the links back in the downloadable files so HOPEFULLY everyone should still have that now!


That seems to be all sorted now. Thankyou!! <3


No prob, and thanks for telling me! It’s gone off relatively hitch-less but it’s also my first time using for pre-orders. (Definitely gonna do it again tho!)