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This is incredibly sweet! I love the characters and word-building and the relationships are so warm and comfortable. I went straight for the poly ending and it was so cozy.

This game looks really promising and It got polyamory?! I might just buy this game right now! 

this looks amazing! Is there a way I'll be able to play it on either my android or my chromebook??

Chromebook should work (it’s basically a laptop right, not a mobile device?)  Android I’m not as sure about, BUT!! I should have news about playing this on mobile devices soon! (It’s been bought by Tap, Wattpadd’s new interactive fiction branch, so that should be a thing soon!)

A chromebook is actually a lot more similar to a mobile device because everything on it is Google and you can download apps from the google play store to it, etc. I'm not actually sure if you can download outside programs to it (I bought it specifically for writing and thus failed to apparently do this basic research before buying 😅) BUT if this is going to eventually become available to mobile devices I will be patient and wait! Thank you!!

Haha, okay! 

...Oh, here’s a test. Can you play my other game, DATE THE LIZARD? It’s free/playable right here in ur browser. If that works for you, this should too!